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Thank you for supporting our important mission by becoming a SUPER ANGEL.  We appreciate your support of any increment of $500, $1,000 or $2,000 to become a SUPER ANGEL. If you would like to donate more you can adjust the quantity during checkout! In addition to enjoying all the perks of membership, you will also be invited to specially curated VIP experiences.  All membership levels enjoy:  

  1. Top Tier Newsletters-- We will continue to deliver you smart news and features from around the world.  From stories about cutting edge entrepreneurs in Africa to important lessons on happiness and love, we will continue to profile rising stars, new trends and big ideas that are ahead of their time and worthy of yours. 

  2. Special Dispatches -- Leveraging our global freelance network, we will also offer special dispatches several times a month, going deep on critical topics, news controversies and fascinating figures, from the future of fertility to what lies beyond Putin.

  3. Virtual Town Halls-- In addition to our forward looking news and features, we will also invite you to monthly virtual town halls where you and other thoughtful people from around the globe will discuss some of the biggest and sometimes most hidden topics of the day. 

  4. OZY Book Club-- Once a month, we will also host an OZY book club where we discuss and debate that month's selection. 

  5. OZY Fest-- Finally, for every pioneer member, we will set aside a VIP ticket ($100+ value) for a future OZY Fest of their choosing over the next three years -- whether you want to join in person or virtually.